Mixed-Use, Multi-Family and Commercial Real Estate Purchases and Sales

          The law offices of Pun & Associates provide legal representation to individuals or entities that are looking to purchase or sell mixed-use, multi-family and commercial real estate properties.  

          Mixed-use properties are properties that have both a residential and commercial element.  An example of a mixed-use property would be a three-story building that has residential apartments on the second and third floors and a commercial space on the first floor.  Multi-family properties for example, would be a three-story building that has two residential apartments on the first, second and third floors.  Finally, commercial real estate are properties that are classified by the municipal building department to be occupied for commercial purposes only such as an office building, a shopping plaza, a strip mall or a sole storefront property.      

          If you are a first-time buyer or seller of mixed-use, multi-family or commercial real estate properties or even if you have experience in dealing with these types of transactions, Pun & Associates would gladly like to represent you in the purchasing or selling process.  Our dedicated staff and experienced attorneys will help make the purchasing or selling process as streamlined and as stress-free as possible.  We will expend our best efforts to have your transaction close as quickly as possible, while making sure that if any title, regulatory, building permit, certificate of occupancy or repair issues present themselves in the buying or selling process, those issues are resolved in a fair and efficient manner. 

          As buying or selling mixed-use, multi-family and commercial real estate property can be especially complex and may have numerous issues that need to be addressed prior to and even after closing, it is always advisable that you obtain the representation of an attorney to safeguard your rights and clarify your responsibilities for your specific transaction.  We, at Pun & Associates, will be with you every step of the way from the signing of the contract through to the closing of the property.

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