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What is “Broom Clean” Condition?

By December 1, 2023Industry, Local2 min read

Welcome back to our blog! Pun & Associates hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Most of us have started deep cleaning our homes as the holiday season approaches. Although a broom is no longer what we frequently use nowadays, the term “broom clean” still remains popular in a majority of the real estate contracts. We invited Shearon Ramnarine-Jokhai, a trusted real estate attorney at Pun and Associates, to explain what exactly that means.

So, what does “broom clean” mean in real estate contracts? Do you really need to sweep your house with a broom before delivering your property?

Bad news for broom sellers: the answer is no. “Broom clean” simply means sellers must remove all trash and personal items before closing. Sellers cannot leave bed frames, mattresses, or furniture, regardless of their conditions.

Buyers will also conduct a final walk-through before closing to ensure the property is free of leftovers, the floor is clean regardless if it’s vacuumed or swept, and is indeed in “broom clean” condition.

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