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Pun & Associates

We are dedicated to ensuring your real estate endeavors in New York and New Jersey flourish, providing unparalleled legal expertise every step of the way.

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    About Us

    Pun & Associates is a full-service real estate law firm that specializes in residential and commercial real estate transactions throughout New York and New Jersey. Our experienced attorneys provide comprehensive legal representation in the buying, selling, leasing, and financing of properties.

    We also provide advice to principals, members, and shareholders of entities involved in real estate transactions, as well as services in the formation of corporations and limited liability companies.

    We take pride in our ability to deliver top-tier legal services to our clients, and we remain committed to providing the highest level of professional representation in all areas of real estate law. At Pun & Associates, our goal is to ensure that our client's interests are protected at all times, and we work tirelessly to provide personalized advice and guidance throughout the entire legal process.

    Our Practice Areas

    Whether it is the purchase of your dream home or the sale of a property that no longer suits your needs or the refinancing of an adjustable rate mortgage that is about to be a high interest rate mortgage or the incorporation of your business, Pun & Associates is committed to providing you the most proficient, professional, productive and cost-effective legal representation possible.

    Residential Real Estate

    At Pun & Associates, we provide dedicated, quality legal representation to individuals or entities looking to purchase or sell residential real estate in the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area.

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    Commercial Real Estate

    Pun & Associates offers comprehensive real estate financing, including mortgages & construction loans. Our attorneys guide clients from negotiation to closing, optimizing investments & minimizing risk.

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    Mortgage, Construction, and
    Mezzanine Loans

    Pun & Associates offers comprehensive real estate financing, including mortgages & construction loans. Our attorneys guide clients from negotiation to closing, optimizing investments & minimizing risk.

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    Residential and Commercial

    At Pun & Associates, our experienced real estate attorneys provide tailored legal advice and representation throughout the entire leasing process.

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    Purchase and Sale of

    Pun & Associates, a top NYC law firm, excels in corporate and business law. Our seasoned attorneys optimize business deals and minimizing risks.

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    Short Sales and Foreclosures

    We at Pun & Associates are dedicated to guiding our clients through this stressful process with legal advice tailored specifically for each situation.

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    Meet Our Team

    Pun & Associates is a full service Real Estate Law Firm focusing on residential and commercial real estate transactions. Pun & Associates represents individuals, business, and institutional clients in the purchasing, selling, leasing, and financing of commercial, residential, mixed-use, and vacant properties within the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area.

    Wilson Pun, Esq. – Founder

    Shearon Ramnarine Jokhai, Esq.

    Salvatore Fichera, Esq.

    Randy Siyu Tan, Esq.

    Why Choose Pun & Associates?

    Choose Pun & Associates for unparalleled expertise in real estate law across NY & NJ. We're not just a firm; we're your dedicated partner, ensuring every deal is crafted with precision and your interests remain protected.

    Holistic Representation:

    Whether it's residential or commercial transactions, our seasoned attorneys handle every detail meticulously - from purchasing to leasing and financing.

    Commitment to Excellence:

    Our reputation is built on delivering top-tier legal services. When you work with us, you receive the gold standard of professional representation in real estate law.

    Beyond Real Estate:

    With expertise in advising stakeholders & forming corporations and LLCs, we provide comprehensive services to enhance your business choices.

    Trust and Integrity:

    Our proven success showcases the trust our clients have in us. With Pun & Associates, you gain more than a law firm; you secure a devoted ally in your real estate journey.

    Client Testimonials

    Real Clients, Real Stories

    I highly recommend Pun & Associates, PLLC law firm. I give this firm 5+ stars. I sold my investment property and purchased a replacement property via 1031 exchange. The law firm team helped me go through the whole process. First, Wilson explained to me how the 1031 exchange works, which led to my decision to do the 1031 exchange. Then, Shearon and Gary coordinated with the 1031 exchange firm and prepared all the paperwork for closings of the properties.


    It was such a great experience working with the team at Pun & Associates. They are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in real estate transactions and our attorney Shearon was very nice, and patient throughout the whole process. She knew to look for all the nuances of the transactions and was extremely meticulous to make sure everything was done properly. I have gone with Pun & Associates for 3 separate transactions and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for good real estate representation.

    Ben Wang

    We used Pun & Associates for our residential sale, it was a wonderful experience. Gary and Shearon are a pleasure to work with. They are very responsive with emails and calls.


    I highly recommend Pun & Associate to everyone who looking for purchase a new house! They are so professional and care about the clients! They walked me through every detail on the contract and really care about my right! I received the house closing notification three days before the actual closing date from seller.

    lilian zhen

    I had a great experience with Pun & Associates. Shearon and Gary are very helpful, professional, and responsive to all my questions and concerns which make my experience so smooth and stress-free. I'm grateful for their excellent job!

    Queenie Lin

    I have done a couple of deals here and they have a great team to work with. Shearon is great, very thorough with her work and never afraid to raise issues even at the closing table. She is also receptive to new ideas. Will definitely use them on the next deal.

    David Lee

    My fiance and I have recently purchased our new home with the help of Pun and Associates. The process was seamless and easy. We had no issues through contract and closing. We highly recommend their services!

    John Paul Barasona

    I really appreciated the Pun & Associates legal team in helping me closed the sale of a property in Flushing. They are very professional, friendly, great attention to details and efficient. They helped me prepare the PSA, deal with the buyer's attorney, set up the escrow and coordinate the closing, all done in less than one month. I would highly recommend them to everyone.

    Pin Tai

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