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What is “Broom Clean” Condition?

https://youtu.be/3565SBGjGbc Welcome back to our blog! Pun & Associates hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.…

Will I Kill the Deal if I Miss My Closing Date

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXCQ8palyN8 After some intense negotiations and finally getting closer to owning your dream home, what’ll…

Read a Real Estate Contract like a Pro

https://youtu.be/7cqjkTVFG5Q Buying a house is intimidating, starting from going through mountains of contract pages. Fear…

How Long Does a Typical Closing Take in New York?

Closing on a real estate transaction involves various steps and parties, and the timeline can…

How to Reduce Costs When Buying a House – CEMA

Buying a house can be a significant financial commitment, and finding ways to reduce costs…

Common Issues That Can Arise During a Real Estate Closing

Closing on a real estate transaction can be a complex process, and various issues can…

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